10 Foods Not To Give Your Dog

Dogs will eat just about anything - if you let them, and just like us, they don't always eat the right things. Treats for your dog are good, but if you give them the wrong sort, you could be damaging their health.

10 foods not to give your dog

  1. Chocolate. Dogs love chocolate, but unfortunately, it doesn't do them any good. The chocolate that we eat can be toxic to a dog, and as well as vomiting and diarrhoea, it can cause heart problems. If you want to give your dog a chocolate treat, get proper dog chocolate from your local pet store.
  2. Tea and Coffee. Any food or drink containing caffeine can be harmful to your dog. While a couple of sips won't cause too much damage, too much caffeine can lead to seizures and ultimately death.
  3.  Bones. Yes that's right. Dogs shouldn't be given bones from your roast. Uncooked bones won't cause them problems, but once a bone is cooked they can splinter.
  4. Raw meat or fish. It can be tempting to give your dog meat you've got left over or even meat that's past its best, but this can make your dog ill. Dogs can suffer food poisoning just like a human can. In the case of fish, raw salmon and trout can cause 'fish disease'. If this isn't treated, it can prove fatal.
  5. Sugary foods and drinks. Your dog will love these as much as you do, and they'll have just the same problems. Too much sugar can cause obesity and problems with their teeth. Too many cookies can also contribute to dog diabetes.
  6. Alcohol. A tipsy dog may be funny, but alcohol can cause serious damage to a dog. They are a lot smaller than we are, and their kidneys are not equipped to cope with alcohol.
  7. Milk and dairy products. Milk might seem like a nice thing to give a puppy, but you won't be helping them. Milk, ice cream, yoghurt and any other dairy product, can cause an upset stomach, and can lead to food allergies.
  8. Grapes and raisins. These have always been considered a nice, healthy treat for your dog, but the truth is quite different. Too many grapes can cause kidney failure, and even a handful can make them ill.
  9. Peaches and plums. While the fruit on its own won't harm your dog, the stone in the middle can. They won't know they're not supposed to eat it and if they do, it can cause an obstruction in their intestines. Avoid fruits with seeds and pips, as they can contain cyanide.
  10. Liver. Yes, dogs can eat liver but it's recommended that they only have it in small amounts. Liver is a good source of vitamin A, and too much of this can affect a dogs muscles and bones.

Advice about foods

If in doubt, don't give your dog a treat without checking with your vet if it's safe. There are plenty of dog treats available in pet stores, and these won't harm your dog. If they give you those puppy eyes while you eat, either be strong and don't give in, or keep a treat handy to give them. As far as they are concerned, a treat is a treat.

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