3 Ways To Stop Your Dog From Barking

A very common problem dog owners have, is trying to control their pet's barking. It's natural for a dog to bark, especially if they sense danger, but they need to be trained not to bark at every possible event.

Why is your dog barking?

It can be hard to forget that barking is the only way a dog has to communicate with you, and there are many reasons why they could be doing it.

  • Puppies often bark and this can be because they feel insecure after leaving their mother or siblings.
  • Barking at people walking past your house can be a signal to them to stay away.
  • Or it could be the dog's favourite: they want a walk!

If you don't try to control their barking, you may find it gets out of hand. This can cause stress to you, your neighbours and even to your dog. So what can you do to train them not to bark at everything?

Methods to stop barking

As with all training, you need to show control. Your dog must trust you and be able to recognise that you are in charge. This can be tricky, but if you keep trying, you will get there.

Help them feel more secure 

One cause of barking, and you may not be aware of this unless someone tells you, is when you leave the house. If they feel insecure, they may bark if they're not sure that you're coming back. A good tactic for this is to leave the house for a few minutes, then return home.  Gradually increase the time away until your pet realises that they're not being abandoned.

Stop them barking at other dogs

If they bark at other dogs while you are out walking them, first stop to consider the reason why. Are they barking because they see another dog to play with or do they see them as a threat? The best way to stop this is to gradually introduce your dog to other dogs, but in a controlled environment. If you have friends or family with a dog, have them meet you while out walking. If your dog starts barking, both stop walking and reassure your pet that everything is ok. Slowly bring the dogs closer and they should then realise that there is no threat.

The clicker method when people walk past

One other method to train your dog is the clicker method. Using  a clicker is a way to get your dog's attention when you need it. If they are barking at passers by, click, and if they stop, they get rewarded with a treat. If they carry on barking, no treat. It doesn't take any animal long to work out that they get treated if they behave in a certain way. If you choose this method, be sure to keep treats handy.

There are of course other ways to train your dog not to bark, some of which include punishment, but these  are not always the most effective methods and cause distress to your pet.

Don't give up!

Dogs are individuals, just like we are. If they don't respond to you immediately, don't stop trying. They like to think they are the master, but with the right persuasion and sometimes a lot of patience, you can show them that you are in charge, but they are still very much loved and respected. 

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