5 Myths About Dog Baths Revealed

Today many people hold to preconceived opinion about dog grooming that actually doesn’t meet the reality. These ideas keep people ill-informed, though they are the stale data. Right now I'm going to destroy the myths about dog baths.

Myth 1. I should bathe my dog no more that 2 times per year.

Gone are the days of low-quality dog shampoos, when all vets and breeders warned average owners about damaging influence of shampoos on the epidermis. Many people still think frequent bath procedures will make their dogs' skin dry, oily or cause dandruff. This is wrong. Today we are surrounded by a variety of cosmetics offers and have no reasons to worry. Modern professional cosmetics give the best fit to all types of dog skin and hair and allow bathing every 7-10 days. No matter if your dog has sensitive or ideal skin, it is better to use hypoallergenic shampoos for sensitive skin, though. It prevents all possible skin misfortunes.

Don’t forget to rinse your dog thoroughly, leaving no shampoo on it, or your dog will surely have white flakes of dandruff all over the body.

NB! Bathing with shampoo has nothing to do with washing your dog after a walk at a rainy day. When you want to remove the mud it is better to use only warm water without shampoo. Shampoos can be applied no more than once per week, except those which are for everyday use.

Myth 2. I can use human shampoos, they are of the same formula.

Wrong. Dogs have different PH from that of human's. Dogs don’t have many oil and sweat glands, so bathing it with human shampoo may cause dry skin. In other words, using shampoos for people on dogs, you disrupt the biological balance and the consequences are immediate – hair mats, goes thin, lackluster and dull. The skin may smell unhealthy and there may be dermal problems.

Myth 3. The more foam – the cleaner is the dog.

This is a lie. In fact, the cleaning qualities of a shampoo don’t depend on the amount of foam produced. Best shampoos don’t contain soap that produces the foam and leaves unfavorable pellicle on the dog's skin. They contain surfactants instead, the surface-active substances, which assist in skin moistening and perfectly remove all the dirt. Try to use only soapless shampoos to save the natural oiling on your dog's body.

Myth 4. The dog's hair may adapt to a shampoo, so I should change the brands regularly.

This myth has some grain of truth, though it concerns only some shampoos that contain hair-conditioning components and the trademarks have nothing to do with this. Conditioning components tend to accumulate in the epidermis with time. You may get rid of these components by applying a different shampoo. If you use shampoo without hair-conditioning, you shouldn’t be worried about that point, just keep using the very same brand.

Myth 5. I don’t need to clean my dog's teeth, it won't help anyways.

If you think so you should probably stop cleaning your teeth, too. When you clean your dog's teeth with special dog toothpaste you prevent dental calculus and protect the teeth from damaging bacteria. Always check if the dog's breath smells normal. The dog with a constant bad breath is very likely to have some problems with digestion and no teeth-cleaning will help and it is better to visit a vet in this case.

Myth 6. My dog hates bathing and teeth-cleaning, I should do it as rarely as possible.

The situation is converse. Dogs love these regular grooming procedures. And if your dog hates them it means you don’t spare enough time on these procedures. When bathing and teeth-cleaning become a part of your dog's regular schedule your dog will get used to these procedures and won't oppose them. Don’t forget to praise and reward your dog each time it behaves calm during the grooming. Make these procedures to be glad and joyful events for your dog.


Bathing Gives Comfort To You And Your Dog

Bathe your dog as often as it is needed for your pet to be clean and tidy. Choose only high-quality cosmetics that will cause no harm to the skin and hair. Reward you dog at the bath-time, try to convince her or him that bathing is one of the greatest and “tastiest” thing in the world. Take care of the dog's teeth the same way as you care about yours. Healthy, clean and neat dog is a way more pleasant companion. Good luck!

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