5 Tips To Clicker Training

No matter if your dog is an adult or a puppy, clicker training (with the help of positive reinforcement) is never too late. You don’t need much: some treats, a clicker and a great desire to interact with your pet.

Here are some training tips you want to know before you start.

Tip 1: The more haste the less speed

Short multiple sessions are better than a long one – this way your dog won’t get tired and irritated with training. You should always keep your pet interested in learning of a new skill. 

If you believe that an hour-long session would be more productive than 10 short (under 5 minutes limit) ones – then I can say you are barking up the wrong tree. Be persistent at your training, but no overpressing is allowed. The dog should feel positive about clicker.

Tip 2: One step back and two steps forward

Sometimes, if a command or a trick seems too complicated for your dog’s immediate comprehension (e.g., heeling) it is better to split an exercise into several parts and learn it part by part, starting from the simplest. Once your dog has got the idea, you can complicate the task and combine the parts into a single whole. If you see no progress in learning – just divide the exercise into smaller parts and start from the very beginning. If your dog doesn’t obey the command it means the command isn’t properly learnt and you should get back to the previous stage of learning.

Tip 3: Praise is never too much

Everyone likes praises. Even we, mere people, like it. To keep the dog motivated in training, don’t be chary of praise. Reinforce the progress with tasty treats and you happy warm words. Pet your dog and play together every time he or she made a great success. Be emotional and show that the thing he (she) has done made you the happiest owner in the world, so your dog will tent to repeat this action more often and accurate.

Tip 4: Patience will achieve more than force

The pet can get mischievous, balky or, conversely, distracted and uninterested while training, and sometimes you might feel like hitting the roof and ready to shout at the dog or use a special dog collar (electronic or pinch collars) etc. Never run out of patience and remember that mechanical correction may quickly mar your relations and positive reinforcement dog training always only enhances them. Always stay calm. If you feel you begin to get irritated because you can’t engage your pet in the exercises – just finish the training session and take some rest. Bad mood spoils everything.

Tip 5: If you are not having fun it’s not worth doing

Don’t do the clicker training if you don’t have fun. It’s not for your dog trainer or a friend of yours who is also a fan of clicker; it is not for national sport competitions or a local obedience school, it’s for you and your dog. Until you like it, your dog won’t like it. Remember: winning is only half of it. Having fun is the other half.

Now, take your pet, get some treats and go training! To your success!

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