7 Reasons Why Your Dog Doesn’t Come To You On Your Command

Many owners complain about their dog’s misbehavior at walk. If your dog runs away from you just as you take off the leash and doesn’t come to you when you call, you may be sure to find the reason (or reasons) among the following:

Reason1. You said a command and, instead of waiting for your pet to come, start chasing

Tip: Do the vice versa thing. Turn away and move in opposite to your dog direction. The dog is likely to follow you. It is important to make sure the dog sees you moving away. Call your dog’s name, clap your hands or whistle to attract attention. When the dog looks at you – pretend to leave. If the dog proceeds with his or her affairs – change the trajectory, squat or jump. Your unusual behavior definitely will attract your dog's attention. It is important to mind the place where it happens. Make sure you are not leaving your dog off leash in a dangerous place. And move only in the direction, where you dog may follow you without any risk for his or her life.

Reason2. Short walking sessions

You don’t give your dog enough time to interact with the environment. The desire to satisfy what the instinct demands may outdo your authority.

Tip: Walk your dog at least 20-30 minutes each session. If you don’t give your dog a possibility to interrelate with other animals, your dog will keep running away.

Reason3. Your dog got attracted by something.

You may shout “Come here!” until your voice is strained, but if, for example, your dog plays with a ball for the first time ever, your dog may just simply not hear you because of distraction.

Tip: If you want your dog obedient, don’t even try to drill your dog while he or she took a great interest in something. Call your dog only when you surely will be heard. If you are not – come and get your dog on the leash and finish the walk.

Reason4. Your voice sounds threatening when you call your dog

Animals are very perceptive to our mood. If you are angry, vexed or annoyed, the dog will avoid you until you are in that mood. Your dog may get closer, work round and round you, but never approach.

Tip: Mind your voice and try to sound positively. Depending on situation, your intonation may be cheerful, playful or strict and imperative, but never threatening.

Reason5. You punish your dog for misbehavior after she approached you

Tip: No matter how strong your desire to punish your dog is – restrain it. The dog will not understand what you are mad because he or she made you nervous. Your dog will see it differently: “I approached my owner – I got punished”. No matter how angry you are, always praise your dog for coming to you.

Reson6. You immediately take your dog on leash and go home after command.

Tip: Your dog will quickly associate the command with bad consequences “My owner call me – I come to my owner – The walk is over”. You may want to try another approach. Call your dog, get him or her leashed, reward with a treat, take the leash off and allow you dog to have some minutes of free walking. Or you may take your dog on leash and ask to jump barriers. Or do something else that looks like a continuation of walking.

Reason7. Your dog is afraid of you.

I hope your dog doesn’t know what brutal treatment and cruelty is and you don’t punish your dog physically. But sometimes the contact between the owner and the dog may be broken because of owner’s strictness and coldness. Moreover, the dog may decide your emotionlessness means you are going to punish your dog when he or she approaches.

Tip: Calm your dog. Talk to your dog blandly, try to play, then ask for coming, If your dog approaches you – give lots of praises! No resentment or punishment. Patience and consistency are the main rules in training.

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