7 Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy

Everyone wants a healthy dog who'll live a nice long life. Some dogs do have health conditions but if given the right care, you can keep your dog as healthy as possible and avoid some high vets bills. Here are a few simple tips which can .

  1. Some dog breeds are more prone to certain medical conditions than others. Find out if your dog  may have a known condition and keep your eyes out for any symptoms.
  2. Regular checkups at the vet can detect any problems before you start to see symptoms. Don't forget, a dog can't tell you if it feels short of breath or has aches and pains. You'll only notice when they start to struggle. Regular checkups will mean problems can be discovered earlier and your dog can be treated before it becomes too serious.
  3. Some people seem to think that one walk a day is plenty for a dog. This isn't true. Dogs need regular exercise throughout the day to keep them fit. They need playtimes and walks to stop them getting lazy and from putting on weight. Even if you get home from work tired after a hard day, find time to give your dog the exercise they need.
  4. Keep up to date with any vaccinations and if you travel abroad, check with your vet to see if your dog needs any additional vaccines.
  5. Control what you give your dog to eat. Too much salt can cause them heart problems and too much sugar can cause diabetes and obesity. Check with your vet what the right amount of food is to give your dog, and don't give them your own food. Human foods can be harmful to a dog.
  6. A dogs teeth are vital for good health. If they can't chew, they can't eat. Tooth care is often forgotten with dogs. Chews are available to keep their teeth strong and dental chews are a great way to keep their teeth clean and healthy.
  7. Keep your dog clear of fleas and worms. These can cause your dog a lot of discomfort and they can become seriously ill. Flea powders and worming tablets are readily available in pet shops, so keep a diary and keep on top of these treatments.

Know your dog

If you spend lots of time with your dog, you'll be able to realise if something is wrong. If they flinch or growl when you touch them, that's an indication of pain or discomfort.  Constant stomach upsets indicate that you may need to watch their diet or there may be something more serious.

Vets can be costly, and if you can't afford it when your dog is ill, they may end up with serious problems. Dog insurance is the best way to make sure that you can afford treatment when they need it. Insurance will spread the cost so that you won't have to find a large payment in one go if your dog is taken ill so you can relax knowing they're getting the care they need.

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