Choosing A Purebred Puppy: 3 Most Important Steps

Once you have decided to get a purebred puppy, defined the breed and the gender of your future pet, you start seeking for dog kennels that have litters right now or in plan. There are 3 most important steps you should follow when choosing a purebred puppy.

1st Step: Choose Breeder Not Parents

It’s the eternal perplexity when choosing a puppy. Some canine geeks believe you should look for a sire or a dam or a perfect breeding pair that seems ideal for you and wait until there are puppies born. Then you choose the best puppy in the litter and here you go! They claim that the offspring is going to be as great and snitzy as their mom and dad. Yet not merely parents but the entire ancestry forms puppy’s genetic makeup.  Sometimes genes play strange low-down tricks, so a perfect parent choice is not a guarantee for a perfect puppy.

However, there are also fervent antagonists who state that this is the breeder who is to be sought for first and foremost, not puppy’s parents. They believe a good breeder can predict the DNA set with the utmost probability and select the breeding pair with all due care to get as great progeny as possible. They believe a good breeder always can choose an ideal puppy right for you and for you needs. But there can be the other extreme – the kennel blindness. Dog breeders with such disease bear no objectivity in their opinion.

Both points of view have their pros and cons. Which side to choose? It's up to you!

2nd Step: Don’t Judge By Appearances

Don’t pick a puppy just because of its coat or eyes coloring, “that lovely spot behind the ears” or any other externals feature. Appearance is not the most important thing about dogs. Alongside a lovely puddum there are also personal traits such as temperament, character, working aptitude etc. A puppy with “such a cute star on the head” can appear to be a tough guy of a choleric, constantly elevated type that will not match with an elderly woman or a nervous teenager. Or a fluffy black whelp turns out to be a phlegmatic slow thinker that will irritate his brisk and sprightly owner.

It is better to ask your breeder about the puppies’ individual features, test them with some puppy temperament tests (e.g., Campbell’s or Volhard’s ones) and be cold-minded when visiting the room with little cubs. They are all cute and funny at that age, but still you should stand up against bursting emotions.


3rd Step: Define The Goals

Please see clearly what for you need a puppy. Either it is for dog show prospect, canine sports competitions or as a simple pet loafing in a family. A show promising dog is better to be chosen not in the puppy age, but in the junior or adult period, when all the advantages and disadvantages of the figure already can be seen. When choosing a sport winner, a lot of mind and body peculiarities should be examined, which differ from those of a show dog.

Also ask your breeder if they had puppy socialization, this is a very important moment in puppy raising both for show and sport career.

Don’t hesitate to turn down all the litter if you feel there is no the right puppy for your plans. Going slowly doesn’t prevent arriving, it's better to wait for another litter or seek for several more kennels. But, first of all, your puppy will be your friend for the next 10-18 years and you should love your pet, no matter what goals you have.

Good luck!

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