Famous Dogs: Snoopy


Possibly one of the most famous dogs in the world, Snoopy was the creation of Charles Schulz back in 1950. Snoopy is a beagle, owned by Charlie Brown in the Peanuts cartoon strip, though you sometimes get the feeling that Snoopy thinks he owns Charlie Brown.

Snoopy was based on Spike, one of Schulz's own dogs when he was a child, so it's probably no small coincidence that Snoopy has a brother called Spike. Snoopy has a very active imagination, and is no stranger to an adventure, but just how much does he compare to your beagle?

The character of Snoopy and a beagle

  • While you can't train a dog to fly a plane like Snoopy, a beagle does like to explore and will wander off if you let them. Snoopy is regularly seen wandering around the area and going for adventures, and this is the sort of behaviour you can expect from a beagle if you leave them unattended.
  • Beagles are prone to putting on weight if they're not given enough exercise. While Snoopy can indulge in a game of baseball, other beagles need to be given plenty of long walks to keep them fit.
  • Just like Snoopy, beagles have 'selective deafness'. If Snoopy doesn't want to respond to Charlie Brown, he won't and your beagle will be exactly the same. This form of stubbornness can lead to consistent and persistent dog training.
  • Beagles love food, just like Snoopy. In fact that's usually the only time he takes any notice of Charlie Brown. Snoopy is regularly seen holding his food bowl out looking for dog food, or maybe pizza, and a beagle is a real chowhound, so who have to be careful what you feed them.


Beagles are easily bored, which is probably the reason why Snoopy has such a vivid imagination. He can regularly be seen flying his sopwith camel, or trying to create a literary masterpiece. Leave your beagle on its own and it'll dig its way out of the garden or howl until they get some attention. They're pretty good climbers too, so keep them fenced in if they're in the garden.

Beagles are very friendly, perhaps shown by how well Snoopy interacts with all of Charlie Brown's friends, and they do make very good pets. Just be aware that you may be taking on a bit of a handful, but the rewards are worth it.

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