How To Engage Your Dog Into Training In 5 Ways

There are no problem dogs, only problem owners.

Ed Frawley


Dog behaviourists claim there are no untrainable dogs. The problem is that some dogs don’t have enough motivation and some trainers just can’t find the right approach. So if you feel that you are one of those boring trainers and can’t get your canine caudate interested this article may be just for you.

Learn Funny Tricks

It is rehearsal that makes perfect, but it is fresh experiences that make motivated. If your dog is not interested in training process as you want him to be, the worst thing you can do is to ask for reiteration. Dog trick training is the best way to try something new since there are many tricks to learn! Actually, infinite number of them – it all depends on your imagination. Learning tricks makes your relations livelier and strengthens the contact between you two.

Attract Attention

Try to draw your pet’s attention when there are various distractions. Reinforce every progress and eventually prolong the time your dog looks at you before you give out treats. Don’t be scanty on praise and your dog surely will become active and responsive. The bond between you will only grow stronger. But don’t forget that your pet also should have some time off such training. He definitely won't appreciate if you wake him up in the middle of the night just to practice the eye-contact.

Challenge To Guess

Do you like guessing riddles? I'm sure you do. The same is with dogs. They love games that require the grey matter work. Challenge your dog to guess.

When you train your dog at home, take your clicker, think of some action and wait for your dog to nick it. Click for every move in the right direction. E.g., you want your four paws friend to get on a chair. Put the chair in the middle of the room and wait until your dog approaches the chair. Click it. Reward every interaction with the chair until you make it. Don’t forget to praise your clever cookie!

Use Great Reward

Sometimes treats or dog toys just don’t seem valuable for your dog. Sometimes it happens that it's more interesting to chase a squirrel and your pet doesn’t give a toss about the crouton in your hand. You’d better take some tastier food or suggest chasing a ball or playing the Tug of War! It often turns out that playing together is a great reinforcement for your dog. The reward used in training should always be more interesting than any stimuli or distraction.

Become An Actor

You don’t need to be a certified dog trainer to interest your pet in training, but some acting techniques are a must. You want to make a spectacular performance with standing ovations out of every training session, so your dog will understand – he is the best smartest dog in the world.

Everyone likes interesting turns of events, so be sure the training doesn’t look like a routine. Everyone likes compliments, so be lavish to shower praises on your diligent pet.

Have a good time together!

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