How To Stop Your Dog Begging For Food

Dogs love food and will often eat, or try to eat, anything. Even well fed dogs will beg for food if they see you eating. Those puppy dog eyes, a little whine, a paw on your knee - how can you resist! If you give in, they'll beg even more, so how do you get your dog to stop begging for food?

Ignore them

The biggest thing to do, is just ignore it. A dog usually begs for reward and if it gets nothing, it will eventually give up. Talking to it, looking at it or doing anything to acknowledge they are there, will only encourage them. Just act normally, pretending they're not giving you their saddest look.

You must encourage all other family members and visitors to do this too. One lapse, and the dog will think he can get away with it and start begging all over again.

Remove the dog

Another method is to simply remove the dog when you're eating. If you have a crate, placing it in there may not stop them from whining, but it will stop them getting any food. Putting them in their basket will work the same, but you may find you have to move them a few times before they get the message, so don't give up.

Feed them

If you're sitting down for a family meal, feed your dog at the same time. Not only will they have their own food to eat, but they will also feel like they are part of the family as they will be joining in with your regular family activity.

Be consistent

Patience and consistency are what matters. Don't be tempted to shout at your dog and don't give in if you've had a hard day and you want an easy way out. When training a dog for any reason, patience is important. They are quick learners, but you do have to give them time to realise what you expect them to do.

Training not to beg for food can be hard, as a dogs natural instinct is to scavenge.  Some people do feel guilty if they don't give their dog a treat, but remember you have nothing to feel guilty for. You don't sit and ask your dog for their food, so why should they ask you for yours?

You also have to remember, that if you're going to give your dog food, it must be something suitable.  They should only have dog food and dog treats, so by not feeding them from your own plate, it is actually better for their overall health too.

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