Problems Of Dog Socialization: Solved In 4 Steps

Quite a big part of dog owners encounter the need of dog socialization. These are the people of three sorts:

Sort 1 – they just have become happy owners of a puppy;

Sort 2 – they just have got an adult unsociable dog, probably a rescued one;

Sort 3 – they just have realized their adult dog can’t coexist with the outward things (or some of them).

Now, sorts, I’m highlighting and bringing it home to your minds: socializing has less to do with training your dog as you could probably imagine it. When you socialize your dog, you don’t use any cues or commands, you simply (silently!) reinforce the behavior you like. And it doesn’t matter if your dog is a little whelp or a greyish oldster – the rule is the same for all ages.

Once you have decided it's time for your dog to get on track with the world, you’ll need to know some basic facts about socialization. Here they are!

Give Him Some Freedom

Give the possibility of managing the troubles on his own. Let your dog explore. Take him with you every time you go out and to every event where the presence of animals is allowed. The more your dog finds out about the world, the less is the possibility that something will seem scary. The more often you take your lassie outside, the less strange and alien seems the environment. And again! The more things you show him, the faster he gets used to them.

Join The Dog Community

Dog parks and other places of that kind may appear profitable for your purpose. Dogs are imitative enough to take lead from their brethren, so it is almost 100% sure your pet will dip into the atmosphere of overall sweetness and light. Dog lovers are mostly friendly and won't refuse to let your dogs interact with each other. But you have to be aware of the fact that imitation covers not only positive moments, so you should avoid dogs with pernicious habits, unless you want your pet to be as pernicious.

NB! Take small sessions in the beginning – it looks easy, but for some dog it is stressful and requires patience.

Keep Calm                                            

Being anxious and nervous when walking your cutie, you may unintentionally reinforce some undesired behavior. In dog's mind it works like “My mom (dad) is worried, probably that thing is scary, I should be afraid of it then”. Ignore the behavior you don’t want to be repeated, don’t try to soothe your dog's fear by petting or giving “comforting” treats. If you see him not handling the stress, just try to distance and distract him from the stress source. Reward any fear/excitement absence and calm mood.

Attend Special Classes

This is a good idea if you are not experienced with the reinforcement matter or you have problems with timing or reading dog's signals. You may find a professional dog trainer very helpful in these questions. A pro will teach you to read your dog and control their emotions.

Also, this is a place where you can find kindred spirits as crazy about dogs as you are and practice together. Find out if there are dog socialization classes in your neighborhoods.  Start right away!

Fingers crossed… Good luck!

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