Reasons Your Dog Might Show Aggression

Most dogs fit in with family life easily, but some dog owners are faced with aggressive dogs. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse. The first step to training an aggressive dog is to work out why they have aggressive tendencies.

Reasons your dog might be aggressive

A dog cannot tell you when it feels uncomfortable or under threat, so paying attention to how your dog behaves can help you understand why it gets aggressive. If it shows signs of discomfort, such as looking away, baring it's teeth or growling, stop and look to see what is happening.


Why do they feel threatened?

If your dog starts growling if you have visitors, for example, they may need training to help them socialise with other people. Growling if someone is near their food may mean they think someone is going to take their food from them. Sometimes observation can help you find an easy solution to your dogs aggressive behaviour.

Are they being protective?

If your dog thinks you or your children are under any kind of threat, this can cause aggression. This often happens when children are playing. Your dog may not understand that it's simple play, and may feel that your child is being attacked, so they leap in to defend them. Understanding this will help you find the best help to prevent this from happening.  

Is your dog aggressive with you?

This could be a simple case of him thinking he's the leader of the pack. If this happens, don't punish your dog as it can only make it worse. When they show aggression, stop what you are doing. Your dog will need training so it knows you are the one in charge, and that you  are also not a threat to them. If you don't feel you can do this yourself, there will a training class close to you who can help.

Does your dog get enough exercise?

If your dog is bored and unable to release their energy, this may make them grumpy. No matter how busy you are at work, it's vital that you give the time needed to exercise your dog.

Are they ill?

Dogs can't tell you if they feel unwell, so sudden aggression can be a sign that something is not right. A quick trip to the vet can establish if this is the case.

What if you can't cope?

There is lots of help available with an aggressive dog. Some people think that if they tell someone they're having problems, the dog will be taken away and put down. This is not the case. The right guidance and training is usually all that is needed to turn your grumpy dog in to a happy family member, so don't be afraid to ask for help.

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