Tips For Choosing The Right Dog

When you're thinking of getting a dog, it's all too easy to simply fall in love with one without a thought. It's only as the dog grows older and bigger that you may start to wonder if you chose the right one. That little puppy might be cute, but a grown Great Dane might struggle to fit in your small one bedroom apartment. So what are the things you should think about when you consider buying a dog?



Puppies grow, and if you're limited for space, you need to consider this before you buy one. Your dog will need space to run around and play, so if you're limited for space, a smaller  dog may be the best option.  Large dogs will need a decent garden too, so they have plenty of room for a run during playtime.


Dogs with lots of long fur will need more grooming than a short haired dog. If you're busy at work all day, you will have to find time to groom a long haired dog as often as they need. Some dogs that require a lot of grooming are Afghan Hounds, Bichon Frises and some breeds of Terrier.


Some dogs simply have habits they can't help, like shedding hair or drooling. If you're particularly house proud, a St Bernard or French Mastiff  will have you running around wiping up all day, so you might be better with a different dog.


Some breeds are more prone to health problems than others. While this won't affect all dogs in that breed, it is something to consider and if necessary, take some advice before you buy. A few examples of dogs which are more prone to medical conditions are:

  • Bulldogs - These can suffer with breathing problems, because of their small nostrils and narrow trachea.
  • Labradors - All dogs can have a weight problem if they don't get enough exercise, but Labradors are more prone to obesity.
  • Dachshunds - Back problems can be an issue because of their long spine.


A dog's temperament is particularly important if you have children. All dogs can behave around children if they are properly trained, but some dogs still have a natural instinct which it is hard to get rid of. Dalmatians and Whippets are two breeds who will usually fit in well with children.  Dogs such as Rottweilers can be a problem, because of their over protective nature.


Match your level of fitness with that of your potential dog. Breeds such as Border Collies, Dalmatians and Irish Terriers need a lot of exercise, so you will need to be physically fit to look after them. Some breeds are a better fit if you do not have so much time or are not so physically active. Basset Hounds,  Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Greyhounds are just three dogs who don't need or want as much exercise as other dogs.

Of course, dog lovers tend to ignore all advice as soon as thye're looking in to the eyes of the perfect dog.

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