Tips To Help Socialise Your Puppy

Puppy socialisation is something that can be started as soon as you get them home. They will need time to settle in, but they will soon get used to you and your family, the more time you spend with them. Getting them used to other dogs and strangers, is another matter.

When they are taken from their mother there is a gap where they are not fully vaccinated and they are susceptible to picking up infections and diseases. You must be very careful about letting them come in to contact with other dogs until they are vaccinated. They shouldn't be allowed to play in the park or anywhere where other dogs may have fouled, so how do you socialise them when they're young?

Some tips

  1. Puppies settle in to their new home very quickly, and this is a good time to introduce them to strangers and other dogs. Invite as many people to come and see your puppy as you can. This gives them a chance to feel comfortable and you can make sure they are not stressed. If you know someone with a dog, they can bring them to your home and get to know your puppy while you watch over the proceedings.
  2. As soon as you can, get your puppy outside. Walking down the street will get them used to noises and people and they will come in to contact with other dogs.
  3. If they meet a strange dog, even if you know them, never drag them to say 'hello'. Let the dogs sniff and introduce themselves naturally. If your puppy seems nervous or stressed, pick them up and hold them so the other dog can make it known that they're no threat.
  4. Puppy classes are a great way to socialise your dog. They will meet other puppies and learn how to play and share toys at the same time. They may also meet some new pals that they can go and play with.
  5. Whenever your pup is in a strange environment or with someone new, keep an eye on them. New noises and places can be daunting for a puppy and you don't want them getting overwhelmed and nervous.  If they seem too anxious, take them out and settle them and then reintroduce them, but keep hold so that you can reassure them at the same time.

Once they are socialised, they will probably be happy in most situations and less likely to react to new things. Taking them out with you wherever you can, will carry on the social behaviour as they get older. If you are out at work all day, a doggy day care centre can stop them feeling isolated.

The earlier you start to socialise your puppy, the better behaved they will be as they grow older. It's far easier to train a puppy too, as they've not yet picked up any bad habits.

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