Tips When Travelling With Your Dog

If you're planning a holiday, you might be wondering how you can take your dog with you. If you're dog is ill or very nervous, it might be better to leave them at home and find a sitter for them. Otherwise, here are some tips to help your dog enjoy its holiday with you.


Before you leave

  1. If they're not already, have them micro chipped. If your dog runs off in a strange place it can be very difficult to find them again. A microchip will mean you can be contacted if someone finds them.
  2. Have you dog checked up at the vet. This is particularly important if you are travelling overseas. Find out what, if any, vaccinations they need and make sure they have them.
  3. Check that where you are going welcomes dogs. If you've booked on the internet, information can be out of date, so always follow up your booking  with a call so you can check your pet is welcome.

The day of the journey

  1. Walk your dog before you put them in the car. This will get rid of some energy and they may sleep for part of the journey.
  2. The safest way to carry a dog on a long journey, is in a crate in the back of the car. This prevents them being thrown around the car if you have to stop suddenly, and means they can't distract you while you're driving. Prepare the crate before they go in and include their favourite toy or blanket. Don't put any food or drink in there.
  3. Have regular stops along the way. Take your dog out on a leash and give it food, drink and a walk. Don't leave them in the car on their own. Even with a window open a car can get very hot, very quickly.
  4. Once you get to your destination, give your dog a nice long walk.

The pros and cons

As with humans, some dogs are better travellers than others. They are prone to car sickness, so you may want to discuss this with your vet before you leave.

Nervous dogs can get very stressed if they go on a long journey, and for some dogs who are sick, the journey can be painful. If you think the travelling will distress your dog in any way, don't take them. Remember, at the end of the journey they will be in unfamiliar surroundings and that could upset them even more.

Only you can decide whether to take your dog with you or not. You should make a decision on how well you know them. If you think a long journey will be too much, leave them at home and arrange for someone to stay with them if you can.

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