7 Steps To Make Your Puppy Feel At Home

When you first take a puppy home, it will be very stressful for them. Suddenly taken away from the comfort of their mother, away from their siblings to a new house with new people. It's hard to forget their still a baby. Making them feel comfortable and at home means they will soon settle in and feel part of the family.

Here's some easy steps to help

  1. Build its den before you set off. Prepare a basket or crate and put out food and water, but place it where you are going to keep your puppy. Moving it around can cause distress. The kitchen is a good room as you can mop up accidents and there's always activity going on, so the puppy won't feel left out. If you can, bring home something with its mother's smell on it to put in the den.
  2. Get the house ready. Your puppy will want to explore, so if you have valuable items or places you don't want them to go you need to prepare. Move the items out of the way, and if you need to, get a baby gate and install it before you leave.
  3. Decide how you're going to get them home. A crate is a good idea as is stops them from being thrown around too much.
  4. If you have children they will want to play with the puppy the minute it gets home. Your puppy may have different ideas. If they're asleep, tell your children not to wake them. Puppies need lots of sleep, and disturbing them can be upsetting.
  5. Try to play with them and let them explore the house in their own time. Give them a tour so they know the layout. They will sniff things out as they feel more confident.
  6. Try not to leave them on their own for a few days. If you have a family, arrange it so that someone is there during the day. At night your puppy may whine to begin with. This is normal and will soon stop. If you hear him, open the door when there's a break in his whining. This reassures them that you are there and rewards them when they are quiet. If you go in when they are whining, they may think that's all they have to do to get your attention.
  7. At night, a clock wrapped in a towel or a hot water bottle can be comforting, as can a hot water bottle. Some puppies may even like a cuddly toy to snuggle up to.

Your puppy may take a little while to feel comfortable with its new family, but getting in to a routine from day one will help them. If they have accidents around the house, and they will, or they break something, don't shout at them. The more time and effort you put in to the first few days, the sooner your little puppy will feel at home. The right steps at the beginning, can lead to less problems with your dog later in life.

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