Clicker Training

Clicker training is a method of influence of behaviour of animals. With the help of Klickers desired behaviors are reinforced. From scientific point of view, the clicker training in systematic use of Klickers as conditioned, secondary amp falls under the operant conditioning.

Clicker-training is based on this principle: give your pet what it wants in Exchange for shares and desired behaviors from the trainer, underlined by the sound of the clicker.

Research has shown that it is more likely that any creature can repeat or learn actions and conduct, if the result of this is something you want and wish.

Clicker training is possible with almost any species and can be successful. Used with dolphins or pets such as dog and cat, but also in horses, birds, or even amphibians.

The clicker is a small object capable of emitting a sound type click-clack.

Clicker-training is a popular term to indicate a training method based on theory of constraints and so on Behaviorism.


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