Dog School Training

dog school training

The dog, especially if you have a very dominant character, at any moment decide not to suffer more "harassment", though for your child's game, and as soon as you feel addressed, with a "gesture" drop, tries to subdue him to climb a rung of the ladder!


Certainly not with the word since you didn't!

Will do as it did his mother with him or like his brother stronger.

The azzannerĂ  neck, trying to keep it on the ground, waiting for a sign of submission to leave him and make him understand that he's the new boss.

Unfortunately your son or anyone bitten off by a dog, instinctively squirms to wriggle free from attack, survival instincts, but the dog understands that they don't want to submit to him, then he will continue the fight and to bite until either of them may prevail over the other.

Usually these facts do not take place in the presence of an element that the dog recognizes as Pack leader because he's afraid of being punished for this initiative.

You don't have to be afraid for what you read, but keep in mind that no one can rule out this possibility, fortunately this rarely happens, as it cannot be excluded that the dog may have sudden mental disturbance.

The dogs even though with a non-dominant or aggressive character, therefore, should never be left alone with children.

You should know that the dog already knows how to do everything, never wrong.

Are you laughing at?

The dog, search alone, sitting on the ground, barks, jumps, climbs, drops, runs, dig etc the fact is that everything he does for his own purposes, we must ensure that its activities are carried out for our purpose, so the first thing is to be the leader of the Pack!

How to do it?

You have to be patient and keep reading because you need to know more about the dog before conferring with coercion, out of place and unnecessary.

To teach the dog to use his quality for our work we must shape his character to obedience.

These exercises such as: sit; the Earth; the on; the down; the bark; the search; the door; the leaves; so not only will help us for the work we perform, but will be on other occasions and in addition will strengthen our "dominance" of CAPO.

Before we move on to how to do, you have to know how to "think" the dog.

First of all, the dog does not recognize the good and the bad, the new and the old, and they don't seem to recognize with certainty all the colors and three-dimensional figures.

When you go to truffles and he will find one very large ones, will be joyful, he will wag his tail, sometimes small will be hopping around, while almost indifferent.

You ask where's the Association?

Simply said, unconsciously, you, the sight of a nice truffle will assume a more happy and more complimentary towards her, he binds it to a richer premium than usual and assumes the behavior above.

For you to understand better, great capacity of Association and sensitivity that can have the dog, I'll tell you the behavior of this in a very different! Some dogs from avalanche and those that are used to locate people submerged by snow, identified the affected person, can dig differently and that is sad or joyful.

Depending on how your dog digs, with enthusiasm and joy or slowly and mournfully, namely the Chief conductor, he realizes if the person affected has died or is still alive!

You should have already figured out why!

Here's how:

In previous finds, if the person rescued alive, the conductor it acted with the dog as when the truffle Hunter is a nice truffle, on the contrary, despite the excellent work of the dog, if the person is deceased, to the current situation, the dog does not receive much attention or flattery.

At this point you have understood that the dog is associated with that result, receives a particular prize!

You'll wonder how the dog face to know that the person, under six meters of snow is alive?


As I said before the dog has a very fine sense of smell so sweet-smelling body below, efflux feels his experience, manages to bind the odorous components that are proper to the body at the waist and, associating the outcome at Cape parties dig happily and with eagerness to receive the coveted award.

On the contrary, those issued by a lifeless body, they bind less prize then works with less heat!

Does anyone know these things confuses dog association with intelligence, also include dogs, although rare, that they have a resolving power that comes very close intelligence of "certain" men.

So while seeing the solution where is intelligence?

However, if you randomly one of them finds a way to get to us (environmental stimulus), increased its resolving power and next time, in a similar situation will take less time or even will not be hesitant to take the right path to get there.

The other puppy, to emulation, will have increased its resolving power, and again put to the test will fail also.

If we take two adult dogs, same species, same age, of which one is subjected to continuous environmental stimuli such as a dog that has always lived in the countryside and a dog that's always lived in a living room, exposed to the same test of the Cubs, who has received more stimulus will have more chances to find their way.

On the other hand, if the same dogs we take them into the city, in the chaotic traffic, the dog lived in the countryside, which has never received any stimulus for the noise of cars, for the speed of this, certainly will be afraid and will hide or you will give a stampede for unknown destination while the dog, who underwent the stimuli , you destreggerĂ  smoothly between the moving vehicles.

Just think of the stray dogs wandering around in the city, which along with cats, pedestrians, vehicles and anything else, they continue on their way without anybody their gaze.

The dog who received few stimuli, he will have the same resolving power.

You may wonder what does know everything and I tell you now!

If not used the dog to loud noises, people, vehicles, to cats, other dogs, chickens, cows, sheep etc, in short everything around him or he will encounter in his life as a researcher of truffles, scared, or will take the sensitive spring of his atavistic instinct to hunt and Chase everything that moves , game, frogs, lizards, though it does not see the game and it smells, part following the trail left by the "prey", will look for mice, hares, pheasants, etc.

Thus we conclude that each breed of horse or dog is genetically and so suitable for a certain job.

Even the hunting dog, albeit with the atavistic instinct for this activity, in order to take advantage of its potential, should be educated and trained.

Many are those who believe, in my humble opinion, wrongly, that an adult boar Hound, puppy dog will hunt the feral pig!

Of course, this Hound is brought to this activity but no school or without emulation by other dogs, I think is not successful.

Otherwise if the puppy is trained to do so, having suitable characteristics, will have more power than other breeds.

Surely, without school, the puppy will be what will be while another trained dog, you'll find the wild boar track, follow it, reach the distance that we decide, sit and bark waiting for big boss or the Pack of hounds.

With training, any breed of dog can do the above, while genetic alone, in my opinion, you will not have the same result.

It would be like saying that you at school or without having followed your father while he plied his job, you know to do the same.

The truffle dog breed does not exist and has never existed for some years but was attributed the Lagotto romagnolo.

The recognition is due to the fact that the Lagotto has been used for a couple of generations, in Emilia Romagna, to search for the tuber.

The fact that there is the dog from "truffles" there must put you off, you have to understand that it is the training that form the dog to work.

I can assure you of this with a simple statement of fact.

Dog law enforcement centers, select puppies and not just German shepherds, in connection with the character, these puppies are directed to perform a certain job.


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