Health is a complex concept of culturally and historically contingent. There is not a uniform definition. Health is understood differently according to scientific discipline and the subjective health term of each individual varies greatly E.g. According to age, gender, education, and cultural background. A scientifically understood close notion of health according to the bio-medical model is a holistic concept of health at the present time. Health can refer to the individual and State of physical as mental well-being or the physical and mental function and performance are considered. Health can be understood as a counter word for disease and then describes the desirable norm as absence of disease. Health can be related also to a collective such as the population, and then describes the extent of a low burden of disease in a population.

The health is a State of full welfare physical, mental and social, not only the absence of disease or ailment, according to the definition presented by the Organization World of the health in its Constitution approved in 1948...

Health, defined in the Constitution of who, as a State of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease, is treated as a law and as such is at the basis of all other fundamental rights which belong to the people. That principle assigns to States and to their joint tasks that go far beyond simple management of a healthcare system. They should take responsibility for identifying and seeking, through appropriate alliances, to amend those factors that affect the collective health, while advancing those favorable.

It is therefore rather as an objective, some will judge utopian because it classifies according to the studied countries, 70-99% of the people as not being in good health or ill. According to René Dubos, the "physical and mental state relatively free of genes and suffering which allows the individual to operate as long as possible in the middle where chance or choice placed him", which presents health as the convergence of the concepts of autonomy and well-being.

The health is a State of well-being or of balance that can be seen to level subjective or to level objective. The term health is at odds with the disease, and is the subject of special attention by part of the medicine and the health sciences.

This definition is the preamble to the 1946 Constitution of the World Health Organization. This definition of the who has not changed since 1946. It involves all of the person's basic needs are met, they are emotional, health, nutritional, social, or cultural and the stage of the embryo, or even of the gametes to the elderly person.

When it comes to health, reference should be made to the Constitution of the World Health Organization, UN agency set up in 1948 with the objective of working to reach all populations the highest possible level of health.

There are a number of health definitions that differ as regards their basic assumptions can be. The listing below represents some of them.

Health is a State of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and is not only an absence of disease or infirmity.


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