Hands Free Dog Leash

Hands Free Dog Leash

Made with durable nylon material & sturdy metal clips, with Reflective Stitching that features 3 seams of Luminous Reflective Threading that spans the length of the leash, keeping you visible in early mornings and late nights. Designed for the strongest of dogs with an Extra Ring to attach a second leash or additional accessories.

This product attaches comfortably to the waist & 100% adjustable for up to a 48” waist. It’s Two Handles allows you to remain in complete control whether your pet needs a little nudge or your full attention, keeping you and pet safe at the same time.

It’s technologically designed bungee and waist band allows you to walk naturally with both hands in sync with your body’s motion. This will aid in keeping your natural alignment, reduce shoulder stress and the shock of quick jerks and pulls by your pet. Because of its design it’s great as a dog training leash, and attaches easily to dog collars, harnesses and dual leashes.

Moreover, this comes with a 2- Zipper Pouch designed to hold a supply of poop bags so you don’t have to worry about getting caught without them on your walks or runs. With the additional zipper, you can house your cell phone, treats, keys, or other pet accessories. The attachable Water Bottle Holder is a great way to carry water for both you and your pet. It works well with both 8 and 16oz bottles. You’ll be sure to keep everyone hydrated during your excursions.

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