Pet Gear Tan & Black Deluxe Steel Crate

Pet Gear Tan & Black Deluxe Steel Crate

Features a heavy-duty blow-molded palsteic frame surrounded by steel inserts, includes rounded corners, no sharp edges, no scratching wood floors or snagging carpented floors.

  • Includes four access doors for easy in and out
  • Built-in wheels and pull handle make moving these dog crates a breeze
  • Choose medium or large dog crate for your dog's specific size.

Highly functional and convenient for travel and storage, the Pet Gear Deluxe Steel Crate is a great choice for busy pet parents. This dog kennel provides a safe and secure option for your dog when you are not at home or need to transport your furry friend. A heavy-duty blow-molded plastic frame covers steel inserts that will hold your dog without a problem. The plastic frame is durable and also provides a more pleasing look than some other all-steel dog crates. Unlike some other dog crates, the Pet Gear Deluxe Steel Crate features rounded corners that can help prevent damage in your home or car. The rounded corners are less likely to scratch wood flooring, snag on carpet or damage the interior of a vehicle. The Pet Gear Deluxe Steel Crate also makes travel simple. The crate comes with embedded wheels and a handle so even a large dog crate will glide easily when you pull. When you need to move the crate to a different room in your home or to the car, just grab the handle and go. You can also fold down the kennel when it is not in use to conveniently carry it to a new location or store it out of the way. Even the large dog crate version won’t take up too much room when stored. A storage bag comes with the crate and will snugly fit the folded kennel for even easier transport and better storage. Four doors give pet parents multiple ways to reach their dog no matter which way the crate faces. A side door opens like a garage door and can stay in that position to give your pet access. This Pet Gear crate is designed to be comfortable for your pet. A cozy fleece pad makes the floor nice and soft for your dog. The crate also includes plenty of ventilation and clear views to the outside. Pet Gear dog crates are easy to assemble and don’t require any tools to set up or fold down. Choose either a medium or large dog crate depending on the size of your pet.

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