Choosing A Rescue Dog Can Be Easy If You Are Prepared


So, you decided to adopt a pet from a shelter? That is the great and humane thing to do, but remember, you still have to make a good match between you and your future pet. So, when it comes to adopting a rescue dog, how to choose one?

We all love puppies and dogs, but adopting a one is a serious decision that will change your life. Before you take an action and adopt a pet, you need to take some of these tips into consideration.

Prepare Yourself

Like all people are different, so are the dogs. Some of them like to run and the others like sitting and sleeping all day. You also need to ask yourself how energetic your pet needs to be. Do you need a couch-potato dog or a dog who loves to run?

You also need to make a plan and consider how much time you have to train your pet. All puppies and young dogs need a proper training, as well as plenty of exercise. Think of the grooming, vet, and other expenses. All of these things need to be considered before you adopt a pup.

If you feel like you don't want to spend a lot of time training your dog or you don't have an energy for a young one, then adopt an older, quiet dog and the problem is solved.

Pay a Visit to a Shelter

Once you go to a shelter you can look for a friendly dog. It is better than looking online and not being able to see whether a potential pet likes you. A friendly dog will wiggle when he sees you and he won't leave your side. His tail will wag and if he barks, he will do that because he is happy and excited. Remember, that bark doesn't come from the chest.

Shelter dogs are usually very lonely and if you choose a friendly one, he won't leave you. It is important to find a pet that will love you as much as you love him. So, choose wisely.

Find a Help from a Professional

It is not smart to make a decision to adopt a dog just because he is cute, or your kid got attached to him. All dogs in shelters are evaluated and it is better to ask a trainer from the shelter to help you choose your perfect pet.

You can ask the trainer or the staff member any questions about the dog’s behavior and if you want any advice. You can also hire a trainer that will, later on, train your pup, and with a consultation with him choose your pet.

There are some things you can look at your potential pet when meeting one in the shelter. Here are some factors:

  • Look at his body language
  • See how excitable he is, but also pay attention how quickly he calms down
  • Is he friendly with other dogs
  • Is he rough or gentle in play
  • How he responds to being touched
  • How he responds to strangers
  • How he reacts when someone approaches him when he eats food

Consider all of these things in order to find a perfect rescue dog. Keep in mind that some of those dogs went through a lot, so be kind to them and they will love you till the end of time. And remember you are doing a good deal that will make you feel great.

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