Dog Essentials

When bringing a puppy or grown dog home for the first time, it's important to have everything set up ready before you collect them. Here are some essentials to have ready, so that your new dog can settle in quickly.


They will need a bed and a place they can feel comfortable and secure. If you buy a puppy, make sure you get a bed big enough for them as they grow. Dogs won't feel settled if you keep changing their bed, so you want to get one they can keep for as long as possible. You can add an old blanket or some pet bedding as well, to make them feel more comfortable.

If you intend to crate your dog, have this set up too. The sooner they get used to it, the better. Prepare it the same way as a bed, with a blanket, but put their food and water close by.


Ask the breeder or home you are getting your dog from, what they are currently feeding the dog. You may not want to keep them on this food, but it's best to introduce a different food gradually. If they are used to eating a particular type of food, suddenly changing this when they change their environment can be unsettling for them. If you ask in advance, you can have the food at home ready for them.

Get some treats too. You can use these to train your dog right from the start.


They will need separate bowls for food and water. Put these ready in the place they are going to be regularly fed so they know from the start where to go when they're hungry. Proper dog bowls will have a non-slip base or your poor dog will end up pushing it all around the kitchen.


You will need a leash from day one, as your dog will want its walk. Initially they will probably try to pull away from you, so don't get one that can get too tight around their neck. The  choice of leash you get is up to you, as long as it is comfortable for both you and your dog.


Poo Bags

Easily forgotten when you're preparing for your new pet, but pretty essential. You will need these the first time you take your dog for a walk, so don't forget to add them to your doggie shopping list.


Toys serve a multitude of purposes. They prevent boredom, help keep a dogs teeth clean and provide exercise. If your dog takes a liking to one particular toy, they can even take it to their basket for comfort. Get a variety of toys to allow for playing, chewing and tugging. One squeaky toy won't keep your dog happy for long.

A gate

If you have stairs or you want to prevent your dog  from getting to certain areas of the house, you may need to have a baby gate in place before you bring them home. Puppies may hurt themselves on stairs, and a baby gate can stop them from getting up. It will need to be small enough to stop them from getting through the bars and be in place before you bring them home.

With everything in place, you're ready to go and get your dog. Preparing in advance can relieve a lot of the stress your dog will feel when it moves in to a new home, and means you won't have to keep running off to the pet shop when you suddenly realise you forgot to get something important.

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