Even More Amazing Dog Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Did you know that dogs are not really color blind? Or maybe that Newfoundlands have specific paws that help them in swimming? Or that a third of all owners of pets are talking to their dogs on the phone when the answering machine is switched? Read this and other strange facts about dogs - also some about the owners.

1. It is a myth that dogs are color blind. They actually see in color, just not as vividly as humans. Their vision is like our twilight.

2. Dogs have better vision in low light than men because of their special layer behind the retina that reflects light.

3. Dog breed German shepherd guide led her blind companion full chain Appalachians, long 3400 km.

4. If they never undergo sterilization, female, together with his counterpart and their puppies can give birth to over 66,000 dogs in 6 years!

5. Sweat glands dogs are found only between their pads on the paws.

6. As with babies, Chihuahuas are born with a soft spot in their skulls, which is closed during the year.

7. Breed Lundehund has 6 toes and can close their ears.

8. Dog of Teddy Roosevelt named Pete, ripped the pants of the French ambassador in the White House.

9. President Lyndon Johnson had two beagles named Him and Her.

10. Franklin Roosevelt had paid $ 15,000 to ship-destroyer picked up his Scottish terrier on the Aleutian Islands.

11. In Roman times, mastiffs wore lighter armor and they were sent in the attack on the armored horsemen.

12. Russian trained dogs were sent for suicide missions with mines strapped to his back during World War II.

13. Dog jaw creates pressure from 10 to 14 kilograms per square centimeter.

14. ... and some dogs ejected and pressure of 32 pounds per square inch.

15. One-year-old dog, physically is like a man of 15 years.

16. The US has the largest population of dogs in the world.

17. France has the second largest population of dogs.

18. Average city dog lives 3 years longer than rural.

19. 87% of dog owners said that their pets curl up next to them or on their feet while watching TV.

20. Dogs can be trained to anticipate seizures.

21. In the US, on average, 15 people die each year from dog bites.

22. Only in 2002, in the United States, killing more people than dog bites than from shark attacks in the last 100 years.

23. Bassets don't know how to swim.

24. The dog is mentioned 14 times in the Bible.

25. Three dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic - two Pomeranians and Pekinese.

26. Obesity is a major health problem among dogs.

27. Dogs have no sense of "time".

28. People keep dogs as pets over 12 000 years.

29. The largest dog breed in the world is Irish wolfhound.

30. The smallest breed of dog in the world is the Chihuahua.

31. St. Bernard dogs are the heaviest breed in the world.

32. Only dogs and men have a prostate.

33. But dogs do not have appendicitis.

34. Every dog in the world is probably descended from the species known as tomarctus - creatures that roamed the earth 15 million years before.

35. The oldest race is probably Saluki - originally was trained Egyptians to track their prey.

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