Fun And Impressive Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog (Video)

Everybody loves a well-behaved dog, and if you want your pet friend to be one, you can teach him these few tricks. Some of them may seem impossible, but you will see that all of them are very easy if you give it a bit of time.

With the right techniques and a bit of time and effort, your favorite pet friend can also learn how to do some of these tricks. Hell, he can learn to do all of them. If you follow steps from these videos, you will learn some simple techniques and then, later on, share them with your dog and help him learn new tricks. Enjoy!

Bark on Command

The first trick is a bit advanced, but if you have more patience, you also can teach your dog to do it. You need to be diligent in waiting for your pet friend to bark by himself and only then reward him. As you see in the video, the dog doesn't bark immediately, even though the trainer is a professional, so keep in mind that it won't happen right away.




We all know about fetch trick, but not all dogs know it. This game seems pretty easy, but it can be pretty frustrating. This happens because some dogs are going to fetch the toy, but they won't bring it back. If you want to learn how to teach them to bring back the toy, watch this video.



Play Dead

This is a very impressive trick and it will amaze your friends. But remember that this tick is harder to learn. As you will see in the video, this trick is best learned backward (dog first learns the last part of the ticks), because that is the easiest way to learn. Also, if your pet already knows "Roll Over" trick, he will learn this trick much easier.



Stand on Hind Legs

This is not so hard trick to do if you have some patience. Some may think that this trick is hard to do, but it is very easy to achieve if you have a high determination and persistence. It doesn't matter whether your dog is small or big, this trick is doable either way.




This is a very easy trick to do and you will be proud of your dog for learning it. It may seem complex because it consists few parts, but in reality, your dog will learn it in just a few days. If you are a beginner, your dog will learn to spin with a hand cue, however, it will be a bit hard to make him spin with a verbal command.



Roll Over

This is one of the favorite tricks of all times. It is very easy to do and with more repetitions, it will become better and better. It has to be done in three steps and the only thing you need to do is to lead your dog through each step precisely. And there you have it!



Shake Hands

This one is the easiest trick in a book. It is very simple and essential trick you can learn your pet, and it is so simple that you will need just a few repetitions and your dog will learn it. The secret is that your pet already naturally paw at you if he wants something, and you just need to use that thing and that is that. Look at the video and you will understand.



Having a pet can sometimes be a hard work, like when you want to teach him a new trick, but in the end of the day, both you and your dog will be satisfied with the outcome.

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