Is Your Dog Behaving Differently? Here Are Some Factors That Can Lead To That

Behavioral disorders in dogs are numerous and have different forms of expression. Usually, some of the behaviors of the dog can be reduced, exaggerated or completely absent, and its most dangerous aspects are aggression, disobedience, uncontrolled urination, irregularities in the diet that are related to the biting, chewing and eating foreign objects and their own feces.

Frustration can be manifested through the attempt of digging a hole, in fear due to the separation of the owner, from entering the car and driving away, destructive behavior in relation to the surrounding objects in the home or yard owners and self-mutilation.

Most often it is not just one cause, but a number of different causes acting with each other, at the same time causing behavioral disorders.

All causes of behavioral disorders in dogs can be divided into two basic, groups:

- A medical origin

- From the living environment

Medical causes include:

- Diseases of internal organs accompanied by a feeling of pain and discomfort;

- Diseases of the liver and kidneys during which create toxic metabolic products that damage the central nervous system;

- Diseases and dysfunction of sensory organs;

- Diseases of the brain, spinal cord, and nerve (epilepsy, tumors or degenerative changes due to aging that lead to dementia pets, changes in thinking skills and behavior changes);

- Disruption of activities of the endocrine glands

- The aging process that affects all organs and cause geriatric problems that are related and behavioral disorders.

Every feeling of pain and discomfort can be a cause of behavioral problems in dogs. The pain and discomfort, increase the degree of irritability, or anxiety, fear, and aggression.

Diseases of the ears, teeth, soft tissues of the oral cavity, anal sacs, bones, joints, vertebrae are just some of the many painful conditions for dogs. If the dog is driven, in these painful conditions increases the degree of aggressiveness. Reduced mobility of a dog due to a sense of pain and discomfort can disrupt previously normal behavior related to time and place to urinate.

Disease and malfunction of the sense organs cause different reactions of dog to light and sound. If the dog loses the ability to react to these stimulations, he can operate or unruly or hyperactive, which already represents a change of behavior.

Emotional disorders (fear, fear, suffering and similar conditions) may also be the cause of behavioral problems in dogs. Any change to the pattern of furniture in the home, a new member of the household (baby, wife, husband, guest...), moving, departure or loss of a household member or another pet, or purchase a new pet can have a dramatic impact on the change in the behavior of the dog.

Practicing dog to perform certain activities in a certain time and a certain place and learning obedience by applying penalties and rewards can also affect the occurrence of behavioral problems.

If a procedure has unpleasant consequences for the dog (discomfort, loss of attention, etc.) as in the case of punishment, the probability that the same dog behavior repeated decreases.

However, often resorting to penalties and rewards with a pet can of course result in a range of behavioral problems.

Often applying penalties can lead to almost complete disobedience of the dog, even in aggressiveness, while often rewarding a dog motivates that particular activity is repeated and when this is not a convenient time and place.

The lack of contact with other puppies or older dogs, too early or too late separation of beds, lack of human contact, the lack of exposure to various stimulations from the environment, stressful situations, and trauma have a significant impact on the occurrence of behavioral problems in dogs

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