More Fun And Easy Tricks To Teach Your Dog

Learning your dog a new trick is always a fun way to spend your time. Most of the people stop at basic commands such as sit, down, stay, and come, but you can learn your pup much, much more.

These are just some easy and fun tricks you can learn your dog.

Shake Paw

You just need your dog and lots of treats. If you use a clicker, then use it with this trick too.

How to Do It

Have your canine sit. If he doesn't know how to sit, practice that order before proceeding onward to step two.

Hold a treat in one hand, and show it to your puppy. Close hand over the treat so he can't get it.

Give your puppy the charge "shake," and wave your closed hand under his nose to keep him intrigued by the treat.

Sit tight for your canine to begin diving in your grasp for the treat. Normally pups sniff around, and when that doesn't work they start to paw at your hand.

The minute your canine touches your hand with his paw, let him know "great" or snap your clicker, and open your hand and permit him to have the treat.

Take a Bow

This trick means that your dog needs to lean down with chest and elbows touching the ground. His rear end needs to stay up.

You will need just a few treats or a clicker. You will also need a dog (like you didn't know that).

How to Do It

Begin with your canine holding up. It's useful if your pooch can stand when you tell him. In the event that he hasn't faced this command yet, you might need to take a shot at it before proceeding onward to the second step.

Hold a treat at the tip of your pooch's nose, and gradually move it down, holding it near your puppy's body. Along these lines, you will utilize the treat to bait your canine down until his elbows are on the floor with his backside staying up.

Hold your canine in the bow for a few moments, and after that give him the treat to draw him once again into a standing position.

Giving Kisses

Many people love this trick, especially children. It is one of the easiest tricks you can learn your dog and you will only need some treats. You can also use cream cheese or peanut butter. Keep in mind that you will also probably need a towel.

How to Do It

Take somewhat nutty spread or cream cheese and place a spot on your cheek (or wherever you might want your pooch to kiss).

Give the signal expression "kiss." You can likewise say something like "give kisses" or "gimme sugar."

Incline towards your pup, and let him do the rest. He ought to be energetic to lick the treat from your cheek.

Soon your puppy approaches give you a major kiss each time you give the order!

Back Up

This is a very fun command and it can be very handy if you need your dog to back away when you open a door or something like that. You just need treats and that is that.

How to Do It

Begin off by giving your pooch the stay command. If your pooch doesn't know how to stay took a shot at that before proceeding onward to the following stride.

Remove a couple steps from your puppy, and after that turn and face him.

Start moving towards your puppy. A few puppies will make a couple strides back the moment you begin moving toward them.

On the off chance that your pooch doesn't begin stepping back as you move toward him, continue going ahead, and attempt to incline your body forward somewhat.

When your pooch makes a couple strides back, let him know "great" or "yes!" or snap your clicker, then give him a treat.

Once your pooch appears to understand the activity, include the words "move down". Continue to reward your pup when he goes down on the sign.

Most pups figure out how to move down pretty soon, you just need to practice it a few times a day.

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