Simple Tips To Leash Train Your Dog

Do you take your dog for a walk, or do they take you? You see people everyday being dragged down the road by an excited dog who can't wait to get to the park to play. It doesn't have to be that way. There are some simple steps which will make it easier, and less painful, to walk your dog on a leash.

Dogs just love to walk and play, and if they know they're off out, they get excited. They want to get there as soon as they can and get there they will, even if they have to drag you all the way.  Well know how dogs love to control things, so it can be tricky persuading them that it's really you in control.

How not to leash train your dog

The advice used to be that if your dog pulled away, pull them back. This was often uncomfortable for the dog, especially if you were using a choke chain, and more often than not they'd just pull away again. While this method did have some success, it also led to some dogs seeing it as a tug of war play session.

Simple tips to leash train

There are two very simple methods you can use.

Stand still

The first one involves simply standing still when your dog pulls away. Keep your hand to your side and wait. He will realise you've stopped, and come back. When he does, and sits still facing the same direction as you are, reward him with one of the treats you are holding in your other hand.

Carry on with your walk and every time he pulls, stand still, then reward him for sitting. You can introduce this in to your daily walk, or take your dog on short walks first to train them. It doesn't matter which way you do it, as long as you are consistent.

Turn around

The other method sometimes makes dog owners feel a little silly, but it does work. If you dog pulls, turn around and start walking the other way. Your dog will suddenly wonder why you're not going to the park, but he will follow. When he does turn and walks next to you, get out those treats.

Although you may feel a little silly turning around, remember that in future you'll be able to return home without your dog trying  to pull your arm off.

A little tip

One reason dogs can pull on a walk is because they've seen something really interesting which needs investigation. A few stops along the way will let him sniff as you walk so he gets to see what everything is. If you regularly add these stops, he will soon learn that he doesn't have to keep pulling away to be inquisitive.

Enjoy the walk

Once you have control of the walk, both you and your dog can enjoy it. Instead of rushing down the road at his speed, you can go at your own speed and he gets to stop and investigate things along the way. You may need to persevere, but most dogs pick this up very quickly. If you notice your dog start to pull again, just go back and reintroduce the training.

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