Train Your Dog To Automatically Sit Down With These Steps

Just like you teach your kids to say "Thank you" and "Please", and to wait patiently for help, you also need to teach your dog to have some manners too. Of course, you cannot expect for your pet to say thank you, but you can teach him some tricks, like sitting down.

Dogs can learn that instead of saying "Please" they can sit down. If you think that is hard, you are wrong. There are some easy steps that will help you out.

All dogs like learning new things just because most of the tricks they do bring them something they want (like treats). They form a pattern routines and habits that will help them to get what they want. Those situations are:

  • How to greet a stranger
  • Where to go when the people gather round the table, talk on the phone, or stare at a screen
  • What to do before each feeding
  • How to alert people when a ball is out of reach, someone is ringing the bell or an animal is passing by a window
  • How to act when being let out of an enclosure

All dogs learn how to behave when some things happen, so you can use that thing to teach them to behave how you want. You just need to pick a word or phrase, find a routine and there you are!

First, you need to understand few things.

How Dog Thinks

Puppies are similar to toddlers, they have more in common with toddlers than wolves. Once they get a reaction to any action, they will keep repeating it, no matter if the reaction and attention are negative or positive. So, when your dog is barking or jumping around and you characterize it as "bad", keep in mind that your pet probably developed that because of some given attention.

So, next time your dog jumps or barks, you don't need to react impulsively, just encourage your pet to sit down and that is that.

Tips to an Automatic Sit

You need to follow these rules:

  • Stop talking
  • No posturing
  • No baby talk
  • No body contact
  • No impulsive flare-ups

You need to use toys and treats to get him excited. Once your pet manages to do it automatically, he will make a habit of it.

Practice is also important and you need to take five or ten minutes per day to give your dog a lesson, or just try teaching him throughout the day.

How to Train Your Dog

1. Call your pet, and hold a treat few inches above his head.

2. If your pet starts to bark or jump, pull the hand with the treat away and look at the treat, not your dog (this is very important).

3. Once he is calmed down and on all four paws, return your hand to the starting position, a few inches from his head. If he jumps again, repeat the second step.

4. When your dog calms down and sits, drop your hand and let the treat go.

5. Repeat the whole process until he sits three times.

6. In the end, if your pet holds still, you know you are teaching him the right way. Just be patient and he will learn.

Before the end of the week, your lovely pet will understand this new trick and you won't have to look at the meltdown every time you look for his dinner bowl or when he wants to go out. In the end, both you and your pet friend will be happy.


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