Why Are Articles About Dogs So Popular?

A new study has revealed that it is man's best friend who covers a lot more journalistic columns than before. The study was conducted at the University of California and Miami and it proves that even though the internet loves cats, there is a lot more news about puppies and dogs.

Cats are the most popular pets in the world, 3: 1 relative to the dogs and they are the absolute rulers of the Internet. However, a new study has revealed that the news about man's best friend covers more newspaper columns. Does that mean dogs are going to become most popular pets in the news pretty soon?

The study was conducted at the University of California and Miami, and the researchers determined 18 articles on dogs, which have appeared in the national part of the New York Times and 334 stories since 2000, which have nothing to do with dogs. They wanted to know how likely that is the story of the dogs was chosen by other media. The following day researchers examined 10 other newspapers - local and national - to see how many of these stories placed among its contents.

Conclusion? Dog stories, whether they were located on the first or last page, were better covered than those who did not have anything to do with our furry friends. So what is it with dog stories that get nearly the same attention as the news headlines?

Researchers believe that this may be simply because the editors and journalists believe that audience likes such topics and because of that they are so present in the news. Or editors and journalists themselves like dogs so they find such stories and publish them.

Also, writing about dogs can draw attention to some important questions. "How many Americans know what was President Obama doing in April 2009, as a result of the arrival of his Portuguese water dog in the White House?", Asked the researchers.

You will now probably look for that article, right?

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