Top Ten Puppy Models

We all know puppies are just plain cute and inquisitive, but some are also natural born models! Here is a top 10 of some of the best models and cutest puppies you'll ever see. 


1- Just one look at this little pup's face and you can't help but smile. A natural photographic model, he looks totally at home in his little box and has the perfect puppy eyes as well.





2- In second place we have this cute little chihuahua pup in a tea cup. His natural puppy pose is finished off with that cheeky little tongue poking out. 





3- In third place this little maltese girl is a natural. Topped off with little pink flowers, she shows just how easy it can be when you're in front of the camera.




4- In fourth place we have a belgian shepherd dog pup, complete with his furry friend. From the pose you can just tell he's a natural born puppy model, even in his sleep.






5 - In fifth place, this chihuahua has it all, she even brought her own prop with her. He facial expression puts her at the top of puppy model class. 




6 - In sixth place, who wouldn't want to take this puppy on a picnic with them? His expression says everything and you can tel he just doesn't want to be left behind. 




7- In seventh place, a bulldog flower. This pup looks at home in this pot planter. He does a good impression of a plant, but he'll soon out grow his pot. 




8- In eighth place, possible the coolest labrador you'll find. He seems at ease in his basket and that pose means he'll always be at the top of the puppy modelling tree. 





9- At number 9, not what you'd normally expect to see in a Coca Cola bucket. This little pup shows his natural talent at getting you to notice the big brands.







10 - And in tenth place, this puppy just needs his blanket to give you the perfect pose. Even busy models need their nap.

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